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David and Marisa's Wildlife Adventures

David and Marisa meet Samantha the dolphin in Roatan, Honduras, Sept 2000

Samantha shows her stuff.

Samantha gives David a wet one!

David and Marisa feeding Indigo, the lion cub, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, June, 2001

David meets a new friend in Cozumel, Sept 2000

Marisa shares a coconut with a local parrot in Cozumel.

Watch out, David! Its a ferocious turtle! (July 2000)


Las Vegas, One of Our Favorite Cities!

Standing in the foliage at the Mirage Casino, July 2000.

David and Marisa in the enchanted gardens of the Mirage Casino.

David and Marisa take a gondola ride at the Venetian.

Marisa in front of the life-size elephant inside the Aladdin.


Halloween 1999

Heidi Doody, Risa Bunny, and Mama Gato
(How my supportive family humors me!)

Bunny and Heidi Doody -- Marisa's strange costumes!

Risa Bunny and Mama Gato (ay, ay, ay!)


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